Yurt – 6m, isolired


This yurt has 6 meters diameter, a so-called three-walled yurt, which means, that the wall (kerege) is made of three pieces. It’s height is cca. 260-270cm. It’s good for shows, tradition preserving groups, accomodation for whole families, or in living version even as permanent residency!
It’s floor base is around 28m2, which means it’s comfortable temporary housing for 10-12 people, or provides comfortable accommodation for a young couple, with a children, however in this case I recommend the insulated version.
Ready to move in, water and electricity can be introduced. Nowadays people mostly need for living yurts, so I can build in a heat insulated window to the wall, this has a price of 200 Euros, of course ready to use. I can provide a special „yurt-chimney”, too, if the customer would like. This costs between 100 and 200 Euros, depends on the exact type.

Covering: PVC and self-developed heat insulation
Lifetime: Unlimited
Preparation deadline: min. 1 month!

It is the task of the customer, to make the base for the yurt (pebble bed, platform).
If necessary we can help int he shipping, but we have to charge the costs of it.