I’m making these wonders since the ’90s, because of love and compassion.
The method of making yurts was unknown back then in the Carpathian Basin, so I had to slowly find out everything in my free time. I can tell you with a calm heart, that I was the first in Hungary, who made a yurt for sale. Today you can find my yurts all over Europe in many places.
Mostly I working with 4, 6, or 8 meters diameter, but I can solve unique ideas, if they are safely feasible.
The insulation, the window, the openable roof and generally the living yurt are my own development.
We tried out many things, and which didn’t work, that we let go, so as the roof cover made of transparent tilt, because it makes a greenhouse of the yurt. But instead of it, the openable policarbonate roof ring has born.